samedi 31 octobre 2009


I have a Nespresso machine... that alone is a warning sign to overspending.
I needed capsules.
I visit the Champs Élysées branch.
As usual, and like every Nespresso branch, it is PACKED.
Saturday afternoon
But nevermind, the glass is at least always half full, and i have Time, and so i decide to make use of the customary Nespresso custumer service and sit at the bar and order an Expresso.
"Sir, unlike other Nespresso branches, we charge coffees here."
Silly me answers "no prob."

4 fucking euros

Ok, there's the little chocolate on it's little support, the glass of mineral water...

Fuck off

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2 commentaires:

santa claus a dit…

Congratulations ! You've just won a copy of the "We feed the world" DVD to let you know more about Nestle's pratices... and a carton of fairtrade coffee ! Watch out under that tree in the weeks to come ! Love, Santa.

fredsmess a dit…

why thanks Santa !
i suddenly feel less lonely.