jeudi 26 juin 2008

don't kid yourself

we stop being smelly hypocrites
we all love fast food
we all love junk food
it tastes good,
it smells good,
and sometimes it even looks quite good.
it's bad for your health, but then so are most of the things

lundi 23 juin 2008


fuck i love peas !
i have a basic prepreation for them which consists in frying them genlty in butter with a sliced onion before adding a cup of water and letting them simmer for about 20 minutes. After that, i put them in anything/everything from fried rice to omelette.
there's this great chinese dish that goes like this :
you need about two thirds of meat for a third of peas...
fry up some garlic, fresh ginger, and some spring onions.
add in your minced meat + soya sauce, a bit of sugar and a splash of rice wine.
once it starts to smell good and that your meat is nearly cooked, toss in your peas. stir fry for a few minutes. when everything is cooked, mix in a tablespoon of sesame oil and a beaten egg.
serve with plain white rice.

i see red

summer, and at last we get to eat real tomatoes. we get tomatoes all year round, but how many actually really taste of tomato ? to be true, none.
tomatoes only taste good whan they've had their dose of sun... the real one, and not the 40 Watt one. To give the winter tomatoes some tase, i usually peel them, chop them and add about a teaspoon of sugar per threesome and mix.
My favorite tomato sauce is the following :
peel, chop a load of tomatoes... make it 2 kg
fry up some garlic, and about 4 sliced onions in a generous splash of olive oil.
add in a couple of teaspoons of sugar, and get the whole lot caramalized.
throw in the tomatoes, and a glass of white wine then stir fry until they become mushy.
[ if your tomatoes aren't ripe and are really tasteless, you can put in a soup spoon of concentrated tomato. ]

add some salt...( i like adding the ground pepper when it's in my plate.)
kill the heat, add a dollop of thick cream, mix in the pasta...
... parmasan + a bunch of chopped basil...
... the rest of the white wine...
need i say more ?