vendredi 24 avril 2009

fast food

The mighty kebab...
here it lies in front of me, inviting all of my senses to take it's highroad to satisfaction.
This (Turkish version), i must admit is the light version compared to the one that's sold with greasy chips, which i must add is the lighter version of the 'true afgan' English (Greek) version that is not sold with chips, but still comes with it's equivalent in grease...
...brilliant stuff need i add.
So this extra light version of the kebab is really pretty good in terms of a varried dish. You have your proteins, your meats, a little fat, a little sugar, fiber... so i would comfortably recommend this mediteranean fare.
All of that to say that fast food is good food. Perhaps not for one's health, but Damn it can taste as good as it looks bad.
I truely think that many people Reject (yes an R cap an bold for maximum effect) fast food purely because they were told it was bad for them. These psycho segregationists are really missing out on something. I mean fair enough it isn't the healhtiest food you can get your teeth into, but then bœuf bourguignon every day is another challenge alltogether for your digestive system.
These rejectioners are snobs.
I have no other word.

more on the theme soon...