mercredi 3 février 2010

smelly stuff

this is what we call "smally Tofu"
they sell it in the streets of Hong-Kong
it's just about the worst smelling thing that has ever seen the sun.
You can smell it from so far off; a mixture of vomit and decaying fish...

it's preserved tofu
i have no idea of how it's prepared, or how it's cooked, or even how it's kept

all i know is that is is amazingly delicious... A savoury smokey taste, with a delicate of aura of fermentation.

It's served in a paper bag, you add on the sauce you want (in this case a mixture of plum sauce and chili), but it has an amazing taste of it's own.

you just have to around the smell...


it's winter
it's cold
forget your muesli
forget your bacon and eggs
forget your steaming porridge...


THE breakfast

rice that's just cooked in a light broth for as long as possible.
Add in whatever, from preserved veg & eggs to shredded pork, to a simple boiled egg, soya sauce...

one bowl

one meal

perfect for winter

dimanche 13 décembre 2009

the easiest best dish in the world

this is so fail proof.
you need some chinese dried fish
i know it's smelly, but it's worth it

Rinse the piece of fish
cover the piece with water in a pan and bring to a boil and let the whole lot simmer for 10 minutes.

Your kitchen should be really smelly now!

let it cool

use his broth to cook rice with.
put the head in the rice pan, cover and cook and then eat.

no extras

lundi 7 décembre 2009


yes, it's Christmas soon.
time to get fat again
time to raid shops for presents
time for afternoons chasing the cat in the christmas tree
time to hope for snow
time for rat pack christmas carols
time for mulled wine and cinnamon cakes
time for card making
time to think and imagine crazy orgiastic meals
time for the yearly gastronomic extravagance

time for DESERT !
and here it is :

yes completely fugazi from top to bottom
spent a whole afternoon preparing it (after having spent a whole morning cleaning the kitchen up)
i made a kilo of bloody ganache that for some reason went wrong and tasted more of cream than chocolate
the biscuit didn't cook despite having forgotten it for a whole 15 minutes too many in the oven
the so called syrup was tasteless...
and it all ended up in the bin

don't like buche
never liked buche
will never like buche

if you come for Christmas for lunch or dinner don't count on buche
if you want buche
get you fucking own

vendredi 13 novembre 2009

I wonder

Is there even a soupçon of real coffee in a Nespresso capsule ?

samedi 31 octobre 2009


I have a Nespresso machine... that alone is a warning sign to overspending.
I needed capsules.
I visit the Champs Élysées branch.
As usual, and like every Nespresso branch, it is PACKED.
Saturday afternoon
But nevermind, the glass is at least always half full, and i have Time, and so i decide to make use of the customary Nespresso custumer service and sit at the bar and order an Expresso.
"Sir, unlike other Nespresso branches, we charge coffees here."
Silly me answers "no prob."

4 fucking euros

Ok, there's the little chocolate on it's little support, the glass of mineral water...

Fuck off

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vendredi 30 octobre 2009

At last

Had my first oysters last week
It's the season
Hooray !!